Work Days

Bull Hollow Reroute completed –  July 31st

PTRA members completed the bypasses on the Bull Hollow single track with the help of DCNR.

Anyone riding this trail make sure you follow the new trails.  The old part of the trail is blocked so please do not move the blockade.

Thanks to all who help.

Trail Work Completed – Spring Cleaning – 5-4-2019

We had a productive and fun day in the woods.  Trail bosses rode and cleared all the single track on the east side.

Middle ridge, summit, cold spring, horse shoe, spring trail, bull hollow, and Krebs trails.
We covered roughly 50 miles from 9:30am till 3:30pm.
Cleared 7-8 trees.  The recently purchased chain saw carriers from enduro engineering performed fantastic. In my opinion it’s the only way to carry a saw. Easy out, cut, load up and ride.

Trail work Completed.

Old burn trail June 9th 2018

Trail work Completed.

The PaTRA Crew worked from 9am to 4:30pm on Old Burn trail. DCNR spent the entire day with us giving some one on one instruction, thanks again guys. We cleaned out bleeders and added a few. The process is slow going even with the mini excavator. We completed 75% of the bleeders on the section of Old Burn from Mountain Church road to the Shale trail. I expect that there will be several more work weekends needed throughout the summer. We will keep you all posted.


  • 2016 Trail work completed

    2016 Spring Shade Mountain crew

Turnout for PATRA work day June 25th 2016 had 19 hard core volunteers showing up at 9am & working until 1pm. Mike Pool & Steve Bottiger provided lunch & drinks. Trails were cleared of brush/logs & snags using 2 crews. The 3rd crew cleaned out 12 water bars and finished topping the diversions  with logs to prevent wheel spin from cutting through them on the old snowmobile trail.  Thanks to all.

  • Additional Trail work clearing – June 26th

  • A two man crew cleared Bull Hollow trail, Cold Spring Trail, and Horse Shoe Bend Trail of 4 large trees

Horse Shoe Bend Trail

Horse Shoe Bend Trail 2

  • Fall 2015 Trail work

  • Thanks to the guys for all the time spent , equipment , and money put back into the shale trail.  DCNR should be very pleased with PaTRA’s efforts to maintain this new section of trail.  Efforts like these are what keep trails available to Motorized recreation in State Forest lands.  Thanks again to all who donated their time and equipment.

bob cat 3 bobcat drag bobcat leaves bobcat quad 3

Thank you all that came out on August 30th 2015 and helped with the work on Shade Mountain. I think we made some real progress in making DCNR happy and keeping that trail open and viable.

Shade Mtn 2015

Shade Mtn 2015

Shade Mtn 2015

Shade Mtn 2015

Shade Mtn - 2015

Shade Mtn – 2015

PaTRA members were out on the Shade Mountain Trail System and installed water breaks on the trail as recommend by DCNR.  With the help of an experienced operator on the track hoe we were able to complete all of the excavating on Saturday.  There will be a follow up work day in the near future to  install and stake logs at the water breaks to ensure they remain intact.





Our two brush hogs (Steve Bottiger & Craig Mellott ) clearing out plantation trail.                  Thanks Fella’s

  •  July 11  2015  workday.

Steve Bottiger

Plantation Trail – Before

Plantation Trail – After

Photos of our hard working members keeping the trails open this spring 2015.


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