Riding in Bald Eagle State Forest

Countdown to Opening Day

Dual Sport Motorcycle Trail System

The dual sport motorcycle trails in Bald Eagle State Forest are open to street-legal, licensed motorcycles from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last full weekend in September.

Dual sport motorcycle trails are blazed in purple, and open during the summer riding season (specified above). Trails blazed in blue, yellow, orange, red, or green are closed to motorcycles at all times.

Only the Shade Mountain Off-Highway Motorcycle Trail System is open for licensed and unlicensed motorcycles. This system is accessed using a trailhead off of Route 235.

The dual sport motorcycle trail is classified as a summer trail only. Questions or concerns about this classification can be directed to the Bald Eagle State Forest district office.

State Forest Riding Etiquette

Please Ride with Respect to the forest, the trails, and other forest users.

Motorcycles must yield right of way to hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers. When encountering horses, stop off the trail, shut off the bike, remove your helmet, and wait until horses have passed and are out of sight before starting up.

Please Respect the trails and the forest. No Trespassing on Private Land. The future of the public trail systems depends on the riders who use it. Other forest users and surrounding land owners are quick to point out to DCNR when motorcycles are in areas that they don’t belong.

Spread the word. Riding with respect is the only way to ensure we keep these public trails open for the future generation to enjoy.