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The Dual Sport Trail system in the Bald Eagle State Forest is closed for the winter season. Please respect this closure and we will see on the trail next spring.


Due to maintenance, impact, and safety concerns, the dual sport motorcycle trail has been reclassified as a summer trail only. Questions or concerns about the reclassification can be directed to the Bald Eagle State Forest district office at 570-922-3344.

Trail Closure Guidelines:
The licensed Dual Sport Motorcycle trails on State Forest Lands are open to motorcycles from the Friday before memorial day through the last full weekend in September (summer season) 

For more information about the dual sport trail system in Bald Eagle State Forest and where you can ride, please visit DCNR’s website below or contact the Bald Eagle District Office.

Please Ride with Respect… to the forest, the trails, and other forest users.

The future of this trail system depends on the riders who use it. Other forest users and surrounding land owners are quick to point out to DCNR when motorcycles are in areas that they don’t belong.

Spread the word. Educating as many riders as we can is the only way to ensure we don’t lose the right to ride these trails.


Bald Eagle District Office
18865 Old Turnpike Road
Millmont, PA 17845

Pennsylvania DCNR website


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